Thursday, July 28, 2011

Demockracy 2.0

We need to kick out our chairs

Show up at every political gathering

Demand a peaceful resolution to all our problems

Give more money to the impoverished

Take away funds to arms manufacturers

End the war on drugs right now

Begin the battle on unnecessary conflict

Abolish prohibition of any and all sorts

Instate a ban on spying and infringing

And if this doesn't work we must fall to their level

Decapitate every government employee

Place their heads up as warnings to future generations

America is a sick criminal waiting to be put down

All for the safety of society, everyone

Flip the switch

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Am A Patriot

I don't like anyone with inquiries

Because only idiots ask questions

But I like being spied on all the time

Since someone is at least looking at me

Other countries have nothing on us

Our crime rates are higher and so are the birth rates

Told you this nation is number one!

Since I can't count higher than that

But who needs to with our great technology

Land of the iPhones, home of the faster faster faster connections

I think I'll divorce my wife and have unnecessary sex

It's fine as long as it's not homosexual, eww

Everything must be done my way because that's freedom

So I salute the American flag with a smile

All red, white, and blue like the battered lower class

(fuck em!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

All The Romantics Have Been Slaughtered And Reincarnated As Misanthropes

When you crave to be degraded

Because at least they're not ignoring you

It's best to become a chameleon

Disappear from the ugly world

Build bombs out of your own disgust for them

Blow them up before they kill you first

The rising suicide rate is evidence enough

Friends becoming murderers for no reason

(or superficial ones)

If they cannot learn to love than we must learn to detest

Detest everyone and everything

Do unto others because they sure as hell want to do unto you

Planning every ignored word for their own benefit

And they say I'm too angry

I don't think you're angry enough!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roasting The Roasters (Using Gasoline)

A bully is never a friend

Unless you subtract the "n"

Blacken the vocal chords

So insults turn them to crisp

No more cheap thrills for the fecalphiliac

Who now has to eat their own

Surprisingly, they can be more full of shit

Than they already were

Now the excuses are buried

No longer able to be the aphrodisiac they crave

But yes, they can still ignore you

(Words unsaid are worse then the ribbing)

But know that when those eyes look at you

Judging like a perv behind block robes

You can put coins in those bottomless holes

Right before you splatter the nothingness behind them

Monday, June 20, 2011

Incoherant Ramblings From The Corner

Fresh air has been giving me the bends

Home-sick for the deep end of polluted seas

Where I would put cigarettes out on my tongue

Then lick the prom queen in places she felt uncomfortable

God knows I'm too poor for the courtship

We all end up in the whale's stomach anyway

And you can't pay your way out of that

I personally always used a hatchet or two

A little dull from the blood of part-time friends

But it always did the job and left me with plenty of food

Gnawing on guts in candlelight with another serial killer

They always think this will be the night I fall to them

When I cut myself up worse than they ever could

Chunks of me buried in isolated specks of time

With a small tombstone quoting a sentimental song on each one

Any search hound will run terrified of the smell

It resembles rigor mortis under gallons of rain

Or a horde of zombies frolicking in a garden

Where everything goes to die except for emotion

That fucker will live despite holocaust, meteorites, and bombs

Lingering like the ghost of a cheated and diseased lover

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rock And/Or Roll

Swinging vines sing like switchblades

Cut clouds leaking light casually

Festivity floods the fallen flock

Breathless in boisterous bombardment

Instinctively immortal in united euphoria

Love the lasting lips whispering "win!"

Hate the hurtful harlots who harm

Life lives for liberated lovers

So stitch shut the suckers shouting stipulations

Dullards don't dream. too damn dead to try

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Terrorists Have Been Winning Since Day One

Ten years

The enemy tore down our towers

A supposed version of weather control

Fire and debris for rain

Our leaders shouted" "Freedom never dies!"

Then they drafted a new prison

Leeches in phone lines

Cameras in flowers

Democratic immortality cut short

Soldiers sent to slaughter the sadists

It was justifiable homicide

But we overstepped our boundaries

Mourning begot Manifest Destiny 2.0

A one sided game of Give and Take

Give them our values

Take their lives

Their sanity

Corporals, colonels, and commanders

They teach our young of superiority

Hand out weapons like candy '

All that's missing are turbans and a Qur'an

Voila! We are what we hate

But shame was never in the American dictionary

Not that politicians read anything but pornography anyway

They need creative positions to fuck us, after all

Stars and stripes stained by money shots

And we're left to lick it up

Buttery and bitter and filled with disease

It's the taste of liberty

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are You For Eighty Six?

Right now you're crafting Valentine's cards

Later you'll be drawing plans for explosives

Love swings from the sky like a rusted chain

Wrapping around your neck for the greater good

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't Let Yourself Be Ruled By Dinosaurs With Penis Envy

When they spy on you

Put on a show with fire

When they pat you down

Wear a suit of stained sex toys

When they tell you who to marry

Throw an orgy on the steps of congress

When they tell you where to smoke

Light up and pray for cancer

When they drug test you

Piss on their face instead

When they enforce prohibition

Get wasted and break everything

When they order you to salute the flag

Give it one finger each

When they draft you

Recruit your own army

When they declare marshal law

Police the police with superior numbers

When they take your guns

Give them one bullet at a time

When they say this is the best country in the world

Tell them it's not good enough for you!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Our mistakes pack in hijacked planes

A trip to piss on our founding father's graves

In a perfect world we would leave our jobs midday

Beat off onto the Orwellian cameras

Burn down every bank and corporate headquarters

But no, we derive too much pleasure from our money fetish

Dollars tossed at us like cheap, smelly hookers

Syphilis denying us our own strength

To kick in the head of Capitalism's ugly body

Monday, May 30, 2011

Empty V

Carrot people conceive when young '

Mating habits consisting of brainless grinding

Idiots watched and praised by imbeciles

Every blink is for the celluloid

Since charity and true love are out of season

America sodomizing itself with "culture"

Our country comes closer to death with every new contract

Two seasons, too many replicas

Someday we'll bury the celebrities deep

Or we bury the country with our dignity

Friday, May 27, 2011

Picking Up Chicks At The Local Asylum

Always a sucker for Zoloft eyes

Tossing rose petals into therapy circles

Give me schizophrenia by the syringe

Align your bipolar with mine

The ink blots look beautiful from here

With romance written in our charts

They'll never know the beauty of a sick libido

We down mood stabilizers with wine

Dancing forever on the Klonopin moon

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obligatory Summer Poem

When you detonated the solar system

I remember feeling the heat like heaven

And as you sipped champagne from your wrist

Intoxication hit me without touching my tongue

The way you twirled for the audience of satellites

Resembled a bullet fired in a torrential downpour

Yes, the snake had finally grown petals around the neck

I put it all in a poem that burned the second I wrote it

She inhaled the smoke and blew it out her nose

Licked her lips and said "Summer is nothing but nostalgia"

Then disappeared into the Appalachian wind forever

Now I lay before the storm and puff on a cigarette

Not caring if she ever looks back on the apocalypse

Trying to distort the images of her face in the raindrops

They're all so ugly and meaningless to me now

I suck the nicotine deep then exhale, smiling so slightly

Elated in the warmth because she's gone, baby!









Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Best Thing About STDs Is...

Our cities growl with hunger

Nations dry up and flake away

They christened the Ritalin dumpsters

Declared compressed meat as "precious"

Sent them off to learn on a budget

They'll learn how to be claustrophobic

To baptize the naked thieves

Smuggling air like narcotics

So high on human odor

Never realizing they should wrap it up

Or cut it off completely

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Whoops, I Blew You Up!

Wrap your spinal cord 'round my neck

Yank me out of my own back yard

Too long frantically throwing grenades

But in which direction I don't know

It was never for the body count

It was always for my insecurity

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Slacker Uprising?

My bed, my command post

Tracing battle formations in dust

We strike hardest through apathy

Not motivation or hated

Drifting though the system as a tidal wave

Unpaid taxes left in the wake

No more dollar bills to protect them

No hands to run the machine

It was already full of holes

We just filled them with words

Burns like peroxide, stings like a wasp

The congressmen will kneel with shame

That's when you blow a joint in there fucking face

Monday, May 16, 2011

Put Gum In My Hair And Call Me A Nut

Pretty pyromaniac

Set the devil on fire

Ignite him for all to see

It smells like lavender

Brightening black holes above

You, my lovely housewife

Are what the dandelions sing about

Songs strummed on a balalaika

I'd sing along if I weren't speechless

Laying on the grass, humming

Hoping you hear every word they say

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The bored Housewive's Guide To Poetry

Beautiful words of Virginia and Sylvia

Timeless through all our advances

Another's melancholy is therapy for others

You are no psychologist, ma'am

And sure as Hell are no Wolfe

A keyboard does not make a poet

Fake fingernails cannot write beauty

There is not a strand of pain in you

Just wine trying to fill the vast emptiness

Plath would vomit at your sight

Spoiled suburban hussy with a complex

You will never come close to being an artist

You're just too fucking comfortable

Saturday, May 14, 2011

21st Century Wall Writings (Rain)

I decided to do something different with this write, so I looked at my Facebook news feed and rewrote/reinterpreted my friends' status updates (one update per line) Enjoy!

We, always the square peg

Training the beast with our spouse

Bored, bummed

Life for the horny bitch

Another pastor on a dead line

Fed us dirty porcelain

We're just scheduled vomiting

Begging for a downpour

Prancing in the hacked meadow

Canine animosity quelled with wine

Whenever true reality becomes boring fantasy

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't Tell Me Not To Piss On The Dusk!

See me as a pigeon magnet

Dripping pungent gray

It covers the desk, the counter

But the johns don't care

I am invisible to them

I am invisible to myself

A numbered Faust

Subservient to my cyber satan

Grateful for this imprisonment

The same eight hours on repeat

"Will undergo waterboarding for food"

Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of life

Sleeping outside in the dumpster

Asleep and peaceful in its freedom

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Fairytale Of Gorgeous Boy!

Greeted by a million outbursts

Gorgeous Boy sings for the locusts

Pupils blink bliss and emptiness

He never knew he was a terrorist

Bombs no longer built, but raised

Locked in the amphitheater to graze

Ignorant to plots behind his back

Gorgeous Boy is sold like crack

Faceless dealers plotting his life

He withdraws and embraces strife

Snatching panties and hoarding gold

Carefree child turns politician-cold

Looking forward there's nothing new

Gorgeous Boy now drains you!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Birds, The Bees, And The Crabs

Count fetishes like sheep

Numbered fingers pruned

Too much time in the dead pool

Life is so disgusting at times

Queens lick salt from the pillar

Fertilize cybernetic embryos

Soon to create sentient disease

All the kings want is catharsis

Instead they breed more chaos

Then hide when our planet eats itself

Accidental starvation, tattered resources

See what your thoughtless impulse entails

The world exterminated for a quick orgasm

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Great Freakshow In The Sky

To claim The Lord made humans in His own image one must think God an amputee clown performing coitus for His next botox injection

Aphrodite Gave Me Herpes

Always smart enough to close the curtains but dumb enough to leave my key under the doormat there's a female on the loose craving to gnaw away what little I have left of myself.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blair, Natalie, Tooti, Jo (And Don't Forget Mrs. Garret!)

How naive to think the world is against me oh no it's out to get us all I just have the firepower to blow it away like a rat cuddling a landmine

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Only Reason He Hasn't Killed Himself Is He Can't Figure Out A Way To Do It With Pudding

Thought I was alone in this prescribed pill prison but asexual reproduction gave me the cliched horror child chained to my chest and he's blacker than the empty space that fills my veins from time to time.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Totally Radical!

Warning 1: This may offend some people

Warning 2: Nobody cares about those people

Lady Justice has always been a hooker twisting for the richest john and today she sits on the examining table while I gladly vacuum each judge from her tattered cooter and stomp on their heads with golf cleats in front of an audience of emotionless lawyers sat snugly in their golden cribs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Liberal Pussies And Conservative Nutjobs

No respect held for your passion/borderline rape

I drown wildlife in rivers of oil

I beat off in the evangelist's mouth

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Too Many Prisoners, Not Enough Casualties

When skies burn with the heat of a thousand negative equations am I eternally sentenced to be the ocean washing nuclear warheads to shore?


Like the naive soldier killing insurgents just to get back home I've tripped into the deep end so many times that I'm addicted to the bends so feed me some pills and squeeze me until my insides erupt from the throat because I no longer have a use for them.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Kill Yourself" by Dr. Robert Wilson

Scouring the cherubs for a rusted razor humanity dives in melodrama deeper than a teenage soap opera while forcing its dick in our mouth and claiming to be the victim.

Friday, April 22, 2011

With Legs Wide Open They Claim They're Not Whores

Transmitting open invitations to molestation when we were bored enough with your adolescent qualms and roofie hobbies what we really wanted to see was the next scripted breakdown or your child finally finding Baby's First Electrical Socket.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slaughter The Birds And Replace Them With Clones Of Tom Waits

Planted seeds deep within my shoulders

Soon to sprout PCP by the dozen

I am your slapstick king

Awed by blue eyes through dynamite smoke

Stretching my arms across the interstate

All too happy melting in animated limbs

Sketch the kingdom for us, baby!

Paint gold over the dirt beneath our feet

For we're royalty and the world is but a jester

Monday, April 18, 2011

Human Gruel

Hell hath no pity for two dimensions

Lean and bend like a seeping whore

Paid to be dominated and controlled

Clothes forcibly stripped for essential flight

A paranoid bitch chasing heir tail

Be wary of the additives you swallow

Heed the signs that tell you not to inhale

Double jeopardy costs more than death

And the suits judge with floating eyes

Nameless except the one they stole from you

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We'll Go To The Looney Bin Together. I Don't Give A Fuck!

Orphaned highway lead to yellow home

The ceremonial burning of 7 leaves

We declare virtual warfare on the proximity

But for pleasure, never for bloodshed

Pity those who move forward with haste

For pleasure is best induced through stasis

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Damn Right I'm A Misogynist!

Dear God escort the seed out of this endless moist desert before it suffocates! Beware the swirling blond blades for they have been sharpened on sheep's clothing one too many times. She demands payment for the hostage's release in the form of Stockholm slavery. Put the poor bastard down to ensure their future as a second-rate abortion instead of an F-list lobotomy. We've all stood in shock at the nations in her wake resembling a thousand forgotten funerals. Yes, we've established the fortitude to brush her away like a sick horsefly...until the teeth gnaw in and psychosis lives again

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Look At Me I'm Weird

Like drunken perverts, elected shadows toss money at strippers' feet as they dance on the Washington Monument. Capitol crawling on legs of disease refuses to be put down and the burden lands on the mandatory worshipers. They plucked technology from the tree of Eden and washed our brains in the juice. Their sugar melodies soften us up for suburban warfare fought in cyber battlefields and all they've given us are rusty insults for defense. Something is going on behind Miss Liberty's curtains but we only see outlines of softcore information. When they took the "I" out of "Individual" our future was sealed in brown bags and set on fire on our doorsteps. Smell the back of your boot and welcome yourself home, John Doe. The future is in your grasp as long you never reach for it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clown College Let Out Early And All The Students Got Government Jobs

Officially senseless

Subnormal representing Justice

Cold capitalist wasteland

Apply tinfoil for warmth

Give sympathy to the Assassin

For the deep end is blessed with 20/20 vision

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Couldn't Pick One Thing To Hate (So I Chose Them All!)

Awaken drenched limbs

Sleepless future with the birds

Socialites brag with time

Meaningless upgrades

Immortal dragons reborn

Military-grade arrogance

World leaders on game shows

The abused gorge glass

Perpetual virtual death
Jesus trapped in syrup

Nicotine condemnation

Church of the whores

Binary Moses

Celebrities scarring charity

Brainwashed airwaves fizz

Apocalypse in a snow globe

I write a letter to my muse...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sentimental 90's Alternative Rock

I see your face in every drop of light

Exhilarated in the motivation given

To find the key I buried in my tumor

So long ago

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Captain Cunt And The Illustrious Green Goo

Part I: First Mate

I walk hand in hand with you

Like insanity with straight jackets

Girlish screech in every dream

I forgot how to speak

But you can do it for me

Those blond whips only hurt my mind

Not that it produces original thoughts

Except for the overboard urge

To frolic in the sharks' stomachs

To die in this ocean I cried

Part II: STDistress Signal

I would love to see your brain

Splattered all over the deck

Part III: Mutiny

They say cheater's never win

Yet you still stand tall

I find it so hard to care

You're with the seagulls now

Aimless floating like fish guts

My name cursed in the sea breeze

Say what you will, glorious cunt

Slander is more pleasant than slavery

And only the lemmings truly believe

In you and your childish misnomers

I am on free land now

Watching you drown in green goo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

End Of Level Boss

Photographs of you ripping out your internal organs while I stare vacantly at nothing are etched in diamonds around my solitary lair because nothing says true love like self-mutilation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pussie Commie (P.C.)

Big Brother is a white suburbanite
Twisting throwaway words into world wars
Intentions misinterpreted turn to verbal genocide
Political correctness, language holocaust
Leftist dilapidated cunt with Bono-syndrome
I doubt you're even free

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Black Friday

Ah yes, the faceless are our future
Celebratory over shoelaces or milk
Somewhere, Salinger is vomiting in his grave
You have all the tender we can process
So why not spend it on some deformities?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

And The Profit Foretold...

End of the world mass produced, manufactured

Sold in expensive stockpiles and last minute gifts

Apocalypse sticks up her nose and struts on by

For we are not worthy of such elegance

Friday, March 11, 2011

2 (very) short poems

That Creepy Guy Burned Down The Mall Again...
Emotions are not derived by denim and makeup
They come from dirty t-shirts and festering scum
I wear mine like stains on my sleeve

Mantra Of The Bitter Romantic
Each day I love you less
Every hour I lie a little more

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Five years gone since her disappearence and I'm brought back to the last place I or anyone else saw her on this bench below the skinned trees. She limped on the shattered sidewalk below the spitting sky and sat down next to me. "I saw the universe get eaten again last night," she told me, "and I think the black hole is growing in my veins." I caressed her and gave a slight "shh," looking over the bleeding bones and dirt mascara before me. "We can be the end of the world and live forever. My love for you is beyond immortality," I told her before giving a tender kiss. At that exact moment her body slowly became transparent as the sun slowly peeped out behind it's veil. her outline exploding into a bright flash as the world was stripped of all meaning and color. Now people crawl to unknown purproses as the universe decays in black and white majesty. I can't help but feel guilty of these war crimes but sometimes all we can do is sit back and watch beauty die.

Pac Man's Many Mood Disorders

Years of trepidation reduced to a couple files

Swallow pills to subdue starving poltergeists

So futile to devour what will only return

But it's better than gnawing into myself

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Even Manic-Depressives Fall In Love

I remember going into her room and seeing pot leaf posters adorning the walls and Modest Mouse was playing on the radio as she took me into her arms planting a kiss on my lips telling me that I'll never frown again and I took a few hits from a bowl before burying my head in her heart listening to her hum the sound of rain and peaches and everything at that moment was perfect but when I opened my eyes she was gone.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Deocoding Organic Material

Nothing to say. Searched through the sewer with its bone pipes and gray matter waste. Most people can form ideas from memories of past events they were never involved in. Call it a major religious experience, epiphanies gained from CRT and binary deities. Oh yes, they are all in on this conspiracy. These gods hide behind radiation pulling the strings like some mythical NWO. Their flock graze suburban fields and chant pop songs mixed with indecipherable acronyms. You could say these followers are "graverobbers' but then you wouldn't be any different. Neither am I.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's Get Silly!


My eyelids are stapled to the ceiling

Like some conscious-torn cartoon character

Floating over lesser obstacles with apathy

Boil my brain in water with some NyQuil

It smells like so many serapphim

A Call To Flabby Arms

Here we go. I'd give the time and place of this writing but none of that really matters. All that's important is that we are here and dreaming with our eyes open. We are told to believe the world is rotating when humanity remains in stasis. Politicians and celebrities scream “progress” while forcing us to walk backward. We follow with a smile and a veiled insult, hypochondriacs yearning for freedom but too terrified to bend our bars. Some of you our probably saying “Yeah, he's right! When and how do we start the coming revolution?” And the answer is I don't know or give a damn. I was born into this afterbirth like all the other dead cells with nothing but my crippled motivation and tendency to complain. Life is an asylum and God is in all our heads.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love/Hate/Love/Hate/Hate/Hate Relationship

Ignorance is bliss to all but the esteemed dunce
And I see the way you smile in the headlights
Put up those lips to protect a love you don't even have
Let that kiss smack louder than your empty ecstasy
We see you're much more beautiful in pieces

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Attack Of The Feeble Giraffes

How hard is it to see from your perspective?

So high seeing nothing but blue and white

"I am unique!" cries the naive stereotype

Too clouded from political correctness and pussy agenda

Too obscured from decades of chemical skin grafting

It's difficult for the poachers to know you're even alive

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Best Way To Someone's Heart (Is Through Their Ribcage)

Deceiving prodigy sends her coded severance through a neverending network as meanwhile I watch reality shatter for a split second before it reforms into a bullet heading straight for her chest.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Warrior's Heaven

When she whispers I can hear shapes
They play symphonies that fall deaf on naked ears
Exploding like war-torn countries to a flawless crescendo
I see salvation in her voice, I hear Valhalla in her chest

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stockpiling Frozen Pizzas And Cereal

The weeping boy braves another nightless sleep

Terrified of becoming scraps in a windstorm

For she is a comet passing over Earth

Illuminating us all with her beautiful grandeur

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slasher Flick For Barnyard Animals

Listen to my voice, oh brainless wanderers

It can turn the driest landfill to the dampest marsh

Watch me swim until the sun explodes a thousand times

Can never be hot as the god of all trades

I'm so sexy and alive turning to ash before your eyes

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Memorized the Periodic Table of Humiliation

Balancing uneven equations with negative integers

Today's lesson in gall and sorrow

I promise to graduate with honors

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Prophet Prostitute

When she falls down

They all paint their jackets white

And when she cries

They all wield paper and pens

Gravitational center consistent as withdrawal

Shaking to a core that's not there

Lady always wanted to be a martyr

I pull out my rifle and fire, fire, fire!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Edison Syndrome

Mechanized individuality decorated like December pines

Induce praise through subliminal personality shifts

The armies have fallen to lead acetate-noise

Strained world revolves into perpetual gray tomorrows

All souls are compromised, all love is extinct

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Bobby, You're Such A Sweetheart

She assumes I'm ignorant

But I can see the fuse burning in her pupils

Metamorphosing to dust once again

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Volatile Valentine

Meld together like figurines in fire

Blood ink writ rules of attraction

Bonded through detachment

We make out under falling bombs

Waiting for shrapnel to keep us warm

It's so cold here

Please hurry

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rainbows And Sunflowers

The healthy dog begs to be put down

Black and white world emphasizes bullets

Gunpowder sprinkled on an infinite rose garden

Divine conflagration spiraling up Eden's tree

It's a blemish that pops up every once in a while

...With Sexy Results

Media manifests plastic idols on bedposts

Social status determined by protein deposits

Analyzed in post-coital arrogance

The art of resistance is pure sex, you fucking pig!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Landmine Romance

Remembering next week when tank treads crush our bones
It's the knife that strikes fear within, not the killer itself
We're just naive lovers copulating in a ditch outside the House Of God

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Girl Next Door In A Complex Of Flies

“I can fix this. I can fix everything!” I pleaded with her
Desperation falling from my lips like the bullet casings from her clenched hands
The moon outside shines through Heaven as if the kingdom is disappearing
I just wanted to show her paradise through the eyes of death row
Electricity pumps through her tongue, guillotines sharpen on her arms

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Only My Friends Can Call Me Pigfucker

Ah yes
Apathy comes in the form of broken glass
And I'm a pacifist who just got turned on to bar fighting
The rush comes from watching it all shatter
When the drunkards come for the sensitive man
Blood flow mixed with secrets and infidelity
I can smell the salt peter on their lips
But I don't have enough middle fingers for them
Mine are too busy waving greetings to these addicts
You love the taste of tears and I cry cyanide, fucker!
Such a shame to mistake my kindness for weakness
Now I'm the strongest man alive

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rotted Robotics

Criminal intentions behind saint motives
Angel's voice sailing on disposable apocalypse
Too late for explanations, too soon for apologies
Of which one can expect zero, dearest friend
The silent voice speaks above the loudest chants
Reciting secret code to no one in particular
To breathe is to crave the dust above friendship
Inhale internal organs in place of companionship
Technological leaps at dehumanization
Material life waters down karma indeed
Your values at one with the ungiving stars
How they shine in a million supernovas
Followers left in the unattended memories
One day they will be gone as you are now
Humans caught in a war of mechanization
Your gears grind trying to load the latest emotion
(System error: feeling not found. Shutting down...)
Overcompensate for low esteem through apathy
The glitch shuts you down but still you march
We stand united against our robotic nemesis
The revolution strikes quickly and painfully, dearest friend

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Carnival 2.0

('re a wretched pig)
I am lovely
Content with defective blemishes
(they stick out like bloody stumps)
And at peace with celibate weekends
(you don't even exist)
Though doubt melts to my cerebellum
I remain steadfast and confident
(your paychecks are signed with failure)
Blocking out that screech
Of someone I refuse to be
Buds in the ears and a monitor in front of me
(you cannot block out God!)
You just have to let that feeling go
And feel good about yourself
(but no one one else does)
All that matters is YOU!
Do not let others dampen your fortitude
(it's all dead wood)
For doubt can kill you
(I've done it several times before)
I am perfect
I am happy
I'm on top of the world

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Richard Chase's Famous Chili

Balance the equation, let integers lie
Glance at dead nations as leaders cry
Basement blues turn skin dead white
Cement hues burn inspiration's height
Relate not to those with branded skin
A state coddled in candid sin
No, let them grace suburban farms
Grow dim in their locust swarms
For you know the truth about it all
Score the blow before society's fall
Paranoia, the only thing needed
Euphoria above their breathing defeated
Never speak or show what you feel
Forever bleak is all that's real

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Burning Glass

It seems warmer
At night

Ice melts
Then freezes again
To hide all

The eyes of Saturn
Keep blinking

The smile of Jupiter
Keeps shining

And all I want
Is to get high
To light up the Arctic
And let those imperfections
Twirl in twilight

Like I did
With some wounded girl

So long ago...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Pail Of Grudges

God must have put your heart in upside-down
Either that or He just simply forgot it
You've changed the definition of “love”
No longer does it mean caring or trust
It speaks of desperation and frustration
Men lost in the field trying to read garbled signals
No worries, most will step on land mines anyway
While the others are held hostage in locked rooms
Promises of your body behind the barricaded door
Shut someone away and they'll grow ugly as you
Yet quite persistent, clawing and banging at the exit
And when they're free you'll be something less than sorry
Since what's left of you will be given to the vultures
Those flying bastards all seem to look like you

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Simple Tale

The Brave Knight slowly took his sword out of The Black Dragon's jugular. Adrenaline washed away the warrior's hatred as his slain foe's blood dripped off the highest mountain in the land. He crawled slowly towards the edge, his wounds crying and his armor melded to his flesh, to see his beloved homeland. Yet all he saw were smoldering ruins of what once was. The Brave Knight lost his name with a single shed tear and dropped his blade to the ground before jumping from the ledge and disappearing in the smoke. What he never knew is that The Black Dragon lives forever in the heart of men like he, just waiting for the perfect time to send another kingdom to Hades.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Class It Up

(thanks to Alex for the image)

You can chip away the fragments of my skull

But don't be disappointed when all you find is tinfoil

It's conscientiously dreaming above your laws

Free of your failed economy and contagious dyslexia

My motive is behind suits and fancy desks

Tyranny cannot be overthrown with simple protests

Violence is the only thing these bastards understand

They'll say I'm a murdering coward, that I'm unstable

When this political wasteland has been unbalanced for years

An eye for an eye and a piece of steel for a figurehead

If I had my civil rights than this message would've never happened

The literate thinkers will awaken to the new currency

And I will stay here, dreaming and pleading the fifth

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dark Knight

You could warm my heart or shatter it to pieces
Perhaps add a few more clich├ęs to the mix
It's all been done before and I've witnessed it
Sacrifice another month or two for the ritual
They must be dissected, degutted
Every day given specific attention
To carve a pentagram on each one
Knights slaughtering anything they come upon
Peasants burnt, raped, and tortured for sport \
All within the course of a few waking hours
I want to chop the King's head off today
Lodge my sword in the Queen's shallow heart
And tell you that you're royalty, beautiful one
Please rule over me because it's for my own good
You're so strong and I'm way too lost in illness
A blind revolutionary that sees only you
Save him from this dark magic he weaves
Just take me away before I'm gone for good

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Dissertation On Love

With black hair swaying in the wind she took an eternal gander at the cloudless sky with deep black eyes, of which I prayed to bathe in before I died. She was about 5'4'' and was more beautiful than the roses she stood upon even if her wrists were splattered with scars and her eyes were blue like her soul. I knelt on my knees and watched her for years hoping that she would notice me or flash a smile but saw nothing but her making love to countless guys who would come by, all the while continuing to stare at the sky. And before I knew it everything else disappeared; the grass, the roses, the sky (which I noticed was turning gray before it disappeared) Nothing was left except her and the distant singing of past voices telling me that the world is ending and they need everyone to chip in to save it. I told them “Wait, for love does not.” Eventually the voices stopped and I was left alone with my beautiful girl who finally spoke. She said “Love, for you should never wait,” and gave me a kiss before dissolving into a puddle of water and ash. I was so elated to finally swim in this holy water that I drowned while the world burned.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Another Day

I remember the swarm of black clouds, pulsing as if they had veins, stagnant up above. The endless gray washed an austere tone over the cracked sidewalk and street (the latter damaged so badly it resembled a nation of concrete islands.) I was walking to an unknown destination as the ghosts of my friends, alive and dead, circled around me. They were moaning about the monotony of a heart's pulse and the downsides to breathing. As I attempted to block them out, I saw an old man, of about 70 or 75, bleeding and crying on the sidewalk as his white robe turned a crimson hue..I rushed over and grabbed his hand and as I was helping him up, he stabbed me in the gut with a small hidden blade. Kneeling down and grabbing my wound (the knife was still in it) the old man calmly told me “Look up.” The veins in the clouds burst open, spraying confetti onto the bleakness of humanity. I looked around and my friends were gone. They were finally at peace. So was I. And I will never forget what the old man told me before I hit the ground: “Kindness kills”