Thursday, March 10, 2011


Five years gone since her disappearence and I'm brought back to the last place I or anyone else saw her on this bench below the skinned trees. She limped on the shattered sidewalk below the spitting sky and sat down next to me. "I saw the universe get eaten again last night," she told me, "and I think the black hole is growing in my veins." I caressed her and gave a slight "shh," looking over the bleeding bones and dirt mascara before me. "We can be the end of the world and live forever. My love for you is beyond immortality," I told her before giving a tender kiss. At that exact moment her body slowly became transparent as the sun slowly peeped out behind it's veil. her outline exploding into a bright flash as the world was stripped of all meaning and color. Now people crawl to unknown purproses as the universe decays in black and white majesty. I can't help but feel guilty of these war crimes but sometimes all we can do is sit back and watch beauty die.

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