Monday, January 31, 2011

The Girl Next Door In A Complex Of Flies

“I can fix this. I can fix everything!” I pleaded with her
Desperation falling from my lips like the bullet casings from her clenched hands
The moon outside shines through Heaven as if the kingdom is disappearing
I just wanted to show her paradise through the eyes of death row
Electricity pumps through her tongue, guillotines sharpen on her arms

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Only My Friends Can Call Me Pigfucker

Ah yes
Apathy comes in the form of broken glass
And I'm a pacifist who just got turned on to bar fighting
The rush comes from watching it all shatter
When the drunkards come for the sensitive man
Blood flow mixed with secrets and infidelity
I can smell the salt peter on their lips
But I don't have enough middle fingers for them
Mine are too busy waving greetings to these addicts
You love the taste of tears and I cry cyanide, fucker!
Such a shame to mistake my kindness for weakness
Now I'm the strongest man alive

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rotted Robotics

Criminal intentions behind saint motives
Angel's voice sailing on disposable apocalypse
Too late for explanations, too soon for apologies
Of which one can expect zero, dearest friend
The silent voice speaks above the loudest chants
Reciting secret code to no one in particular
To breathe is to crave the dust above friendship
Inhale internal organs in place of companionship
Technological leaps at dehumanization
Material life waters down karma indeed
Your values at one with the ungiving stars
How they shine in a million supernovas
Followers left in the unattended memories
One day they will be gone as you are now
Humans caught in a war of mechanization
Your gears grind trying to load the latest emotion
(System error: feeling not found. Shutting down...)
Overcompensate for low esteem through apathy
The glitch shuts you down but still you march
We stand united against our robotic nemesis
The revolution strikes quickly and painfully, dearest friend

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Carnival 2.0

('re a wretched pig)
I am lovely
Content with defective blemishes
(they stick out like bloody stumps)
And at peace with celibate weekends
(you don't even exist)
Though doubt melts to my cerebellum
I remain steadfast and confident
(your paychecks are signed with failure)
Blocking out that screech
Of someone I refuse to be
Buds in the ears and a monitor in front of me
(you cannot block out God!)
You just have to let that feeling go
And feel good about yourself
(but no one one else does)
All that matters is YOU!
Do not let others dampen your fortitude
(it's all dead wood)
For doubt can kill you
(I've done it several times before)
I am perfect
I am happy
I'm on top of the world

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Richard Chase's Famous Chili

Balance the equation, let integers lie
Glance at dead nations as leaders cry
Basement blues turn skin dead white
Cement hues burn inspiration's height
Relate not to those with branded skin
A state coddled in candid sin
No, let them grace suburban farms
Grow dim in their locust swarms
For you know the truth about it all
Score the blow before society's fall
Paranoia, the only thing needed
Euphoria above their breathing defeated
Never speak or show what you feel
Forever bleak is all that's real

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Burning Glass

It seems warmer
At night

Ice melts
Then freezes again
To hide all

The eyes of Saturn
Keep blinking

The smile of Jupiter
Keeps shining

And all I want
Is to get high
To light up the Arctic
And let those imperfections
Twirl in twilight

Like I did
With some wounded girl

So long ago...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Pail Of Grudges

God must have put your heart in upside-down
Either that or He just simply forgot it
You've changed the definition of “love”
No longer does it mean caring or trust
It speaks of desperation and frustration
Men lost in the field trying to read garbled signals
No worries, most will step on land mines anyway
While the others are held hostage in locked rooms
Promises of your body behind the barricaded door
Shut someone away and they'll grow ugly as you
Yet quite persistent, clawing and banging at the exit
And when they're free you'll be something less than sorry
Since what's left of you will be given to the vultures
Those flying bastards all seem to look like you

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Simple Tale

The Brave Knight slowly took his sword out of The Black Dragon's jugular. Adrenaline washed away the warrior's hatred as his slain foe's blood dripped off the highest mountain in the land. He crawled slowly towards the edge, his wounds crying and his armor melded to his flesh, to see his beloved homeland. Yet all he saw were smoldering ruins of what once was. The Brave Knight lost his name with a single shed tear and dropped his blade to the ground before jumping from the ledge and disappearing in the smoke. What he never knew is that The Black Dragon lives forever in the heart of men like he, just waiting for the perfect time to send another kingdom to Hades.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Class It Up

(thanks to Alex for the image)

You can chip away the fragments of my skull

But don't be disappointed when all you find is tinfoil

It's conscientiously dreaming above your laws

Free of your failed economy and contagious dyslexia

My motive is behind suits and fancy desks

Tyranny cannot be overthrown with simple protests

Violence is the only thing these bastards understand

They'll say I'm a murdering coward, that I'm unstable

When this political wasteland has been unbalanced for years

An eye for an eye and a piece of steel for a figurehead

If I had my civil rights than this message would've never happened

The literate thinkers will awaken to the new currency

And I will stay here, dreaming and pleading the fifth

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dark Knight

You could warm my heart or shatter it to pieces
Perhaps add a few more clich├ęs to the mix
It's all been done before and I've witnessed it
Sacrifice another month or two for the ritual
They must be dissected, degutted
Every day given specific attention
To carve a pentagram on each one
Knights slaughtering anything they come upon
Peasants burnt, raped, and tortured for sport \
All within the course of a few waking hours
I want to chop the King's head off today
Lodge my sword in the Queen's shallow heart
And tell you that you're royalty, beautiful one
Please rule over me because it's for my own good
You're so strong and I'm way too lost in illness
A blind revolutionary that sees only you
Save him from this dark magic he weaves
Just take me away before I'm gone for good

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Dissertation On Love

With black hair swaying in the wind she took an eternal gander at the cloudless sky with deep black eyes, of which I prayed to bathe in before I died. She was about 5'4'' and was more beautiful than the roses she stood upon even if her wrists were splattered with scars and her eyes were blue like her soul. I knelt on my knees and watched her for years hoping that she would notice me or flash a smile but saw nothing but her making love to countless guys who would come by, all the while continuing to stare at the sky. And before I knew it everything else disappeared; the grass, the roses, the sky (which I noticed was turning gray before it disappeared) Nothing was left except her and the distant singing of past voices telling me that the world is ending and they need everyone to chip in to save it. I told them “Wait, for love does not.” Eventually the voices stopped and I was left alone with my beautiful girl who finally spoke. She said “Love, for you should never wait,” and gave me a kiss before dissolving into a puddle of water and ash. I was so elated to finally swim in this holy water that I drowned while the world burned.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Another Day

I remember the swarm of black clouds, pulsing as if they had veins, stagnant up above. The endless gray washed an austere tone over the cracked sidewalk and street (the latter damaged so badly it resembled a nation of concrete islands.) I was walking to an unknown destination as the ghosts of my friends, alive and dead, circled around me. They were moaning about the monotony of a heart's pulse and the downsides to breathing. As I attempted to block them out, I saw an old man, of about 70 or 75, bleeding and crying on the sidewalk as his white robe turned a crimson hue..I rushed over and grabbed his hand and as I was helping him up, he stabbed me in the gut with a small hidden blade. Kneeling down and grabbing my wound (the knife was still in it) the old man calmly told me “Look up.” The veins in the clouds burst open, spraying confetti onto the bleakness of humanity. I looked around and my friends were gone. They were finally at peace. So was I. And I will never forget what the old man told me before I hit the ground: “Kindness kills”