Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Dissertation On Love

With black hair swaying in the wind she took an eternal gander at the cloudless sky with deep black eyes, of which I prayed to bathe in before I died. She was about 5'4'' and was more beautiful than the roses she stood upon even if her wrists were splattered with scars and her eyes were blue like her soul. I knelt on my knees and watched her for years hoping that she would notice me or flash a smile but saw nothing but her making love to countless guys who would come by, all the while continuing to stare at the sky. And before I knew it everything else disappeared; the grass, the roses, the sky (which I noticed was turning gray before it disappeared) Nothing was left except her and the distant singing of past voices telling me that the world is ending and they need everyone to chip in to save it. I told them “Wait, for love does not.” Eventually the voices stopped and I was left alone with my beautiful girl who finally spoke. She said “Love, for you should never wait,” and gave me a kiss before dissolving into a puddle of water and ash. I was so elated to finally swim in this holy water that I drowned while the world burned.

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