Monday, September 7, 2009

Everything I Am

It's been a million eternities since I felt that sweet touch. Months upon months of withdrawn nightmares floating in a river of loss. I see the world through auburn goggles; a stillborn planet and a frozen sun. Don't try to love me. I'm too fucked up in the skull to be what you need. I could write a love letter to the stars but they would just fade away. Everyone gives me these alien words of encouragement but I know they're laughing when I turn away. Just giggling at the monstrous flaws of a dead man. I wish I could could take everything I am, put it into a crystal ball, and smash it over the head of the world.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

High Class Woman (Worthless Cunt)

So beautiful in your high heels. fancy dress, and pound of makeup. Men flock to you like maggots to a corpse. But I have my ideals and standards. I'm not going to bow down to someone who would kick me in the teeth. How many people did you cripple to get where you're at? And how many friends did you leave bleeding to stand tall? You're not worth the scum beneath my fingernails. Serving no purpose other than drying up the wallets of unsuspecting twits, twat. I only hope the fires of Hell singe your luscious hair before it turns your money and body to ash.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who The Fuck Are You?

Five seconds into my life and you claim to know all the answers. But you seem as smart as a twig and have the personality to boot. Monotony thrives in your every movement and ignorance chimes in your voice. Getting head from a cheese grater would be better advice than the rancid, manufactured bullshit you feed me. My eyes see differently the yours. My hands feel things you'll never touch. They're walls keeping your worthless grief and militant thoughts out of my life.