Thursday, June 28, 2012

The World Is An Allergen

I wish I could swallow every atom

Without them clawing my throat

As they fall to the junkyard depths

Constant lethargy is keeping me alive

And sirens just go right through me

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Miserable Little Pile Of Secrets

You spent too much time chasing vampires

When you should have followed the red star

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Now your organs fall apart like a teenage love affair

I may not have been able to stop the collapse

But I could have at least pulled out the needles

That were placed in your cotton flesh all these years

You blame everyone for what you subject yourself to

Never accepting the underlying cause of your blackened skin

That's about the same shade as your heart is now

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cola And Cigarettes

I should probably be sleeping right now

The solar system's pangs keep me awake

Its sounds resemble a frightened child's weep

Selfishly, I hear a little of myself in every one

(all those nights spent clawing at the moon)

Every Time I Die projects a little contrast

Catharsis for catharsis drops dreams dead

I am awake while every atom slumbers blissfully

It's the end of the world, it's a moment of peace

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sick Of Chemistry

The veins are drab and empty now

Contents dissolved to the airwaves

The sunshine is my rainy season

But I find solace in this dry wall prison

Consulting with my aluminum friends

We try to find the best way to kill wisdom

Tie a warm noose around its foundation?

Or feed it substance to keep it silent?

Forget it, all of this fills me with a sick lust

I'll just give my body to the wind instead

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Based On A True Story

I hitched a ride to the blue coats' haven

To get the knife growing in my gums examined

They injected me with still life and sent me away

I wondered around the area for an hour or two

The world's eyes on me, unwashed and downtrodden

Until I caught a shuttle to an ocean planet

Hung around its orbit until the atmosphere opened

I lit up a smoke to curb the pressure of it all

Some lady came up to me and said "cigarette's kill"

I told her that life kills and inhaled it to the filter

Dove headfirst into the now opened sea

Where I washed the grievances from my body

And walked away with a bottle of chemicals

That I now digest at least once before I sleep

Saturday, June 16, 2012


They tell me you were some kind of God
That you could turn sewage into nitrous oxide
Grow forests just by touching the ground
I only knew you for a couple of years
And back then I was blind from a star's glow
Until it collapsed and destroyed this world
Now I see everything and everyone except you
A witness to what this universe devolves into
Since you're not here to shield it from itself
It shatters the heart knowing how quickly deities die
How they can prevent the apocalypse itself
With nothing but words and an embrace in blood

Friday, June 15, 2012

99 Percent?

You were never satisfied with the beauty of poetry

Though you claimed to have it in your heart

Once revealed, all I saw was a chest of ash

The cremations of so called “terrorists” locked away

Who were probably just naive men looking for love

Mislabeled to justify war crimes and atrocities

Like an ex president with small dick insecurities

I would say that all trust for your kind is gone

That you stole it when you stepped down

Into the arms of ingots and flesh fireworks

But we both know that would rival your lies

No, this lamb will continue grazing in the fog

Until the wolves lure him away once again

Botched Drug Deal

My friend gives birth in the corner store parking lot

While vultures rush in, wailing the song of sirens

Red and blue flashing from there judgmental corneas

Apathetic that they’re feasting on the last of a free species

Planned Nationalism

They gave us a half-finished product

Expecting us to finish constructing it

With psalms and green paper strips

Barnyard animals lack the opposable thumbs

To create anything that’s not a reflection

Billions herded to florescent death camps

The apocalypse and selfishness of complacency

In capitalist America, job holds down you

Straps down your imperfections to a gurney

And performs abortions with a flag pole

Worst Poem Ever

Skin caked in Hell’s ceramic

And I do not give a damn

Impressions are for majorities

I’m a rusted needle in a landfill

An eclipse no one sees

Motivation is overrated

The crowd chants “Go!”

The mirror yells “Stop!”

Chainsmoking Alcoholic Sociopath

I feel like a cartoon boy

Lungs filled with rat poison

Enough to drown cognizance

Middle finger sprouted proudly

Aimed directly at the Earth’s orbit

I hope the peasants see it well

As they contort in conflagration

That erupts from my tear ducts

Every time the sun dares to shine

I imagine my face on every one

And what we look like inside

Splattered across the walls