Sunday, May 31, 2009


Your tongue cuts in some kind of alien language I can't understand. A blade that slashes deeper than a sword. Mixed statements of love and uncertainty have forced me to shield myself from any aspect of your existence. You're a nympho that would take my cock but leave my spirit all cold and alone. I'd rather just watch as you wrap your serpent arms around other men. I feel sorry for those poor suckers knowing they're on a one way plane to the deepest bowels of Hell.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Spider

He weaved his shelter while smoke possessed his entire aura. Now the spider dangles from a branch like a broken pendulum. Addiction was his life and his life was a cross slowly burning on a mountain's summit only to be blown away by a gust of poison.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I saw the most refreshing sight today. A middle-aged man driving a beat up truck... with liberal stickers on the back! an Obama/Biden one, a big media one with an X through it, and one that said "Vote Democrat." I couldn't help but smile and get filled with hope.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


In a quick glance, we seem perectly fine
But cancer grips her spirit and regret grips mine

Chemicals cause her to purge it all to the ground
I can't help but cringe anticipating that sound

It's all left her with nothing but flesh covering bone
Her spirit is gone, and everything else she has known

Like the sun struggling to break through winter's cold
I can do nothing but watch her crumble and grow old

So many nights we sat, contemplating existence
So many obstacles blocking the light in the distance

There are only a few ways to take away this type of pain
But you can't accomplish any of them without leaving a stain

Tonight I'll take away all these negative things we feel
Lay it all to rest forever with two chunks of steel

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't Bother

I gave Existence my entire life and dedication. All I got in return was a rusted bucket filled to the brim with dirty syringes. There's a girl in a black mask slowly creeping to my doorstep. I wish she'd hurry up and knock already.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I saw their funeral a few years ago. They buried each other under six feet of vows and dirty promises. The tombstones read "Happily married" but they should have said "Mutually rotting." Now they're just skeletons brooding in the caskets they built for one another,
They've been telling me that my words are painful and cantankerous. It's far from my intention. I feel that enough for myself. The clocks move slowly and spit magma onto my bed. I just want everyone to know I'm brimming with love while my arteries overflow with contempt.
One second is a euphoric field. The next is an apocalyptic warzone. There's a blond girl twirling in the grass while bullets rain like acid. I'd grasp her hand but I'd just get caught in the crossfire.

Glory Days

Listening to Springsteen's song, I can't help but remember the few I've had. I may not be able to speak of athletics or accomplishments. Those are scarce as civilization in the bowels of a forgotten jungle. However, I can mention some good times and the girls that got away. I remember drinking until the sun awoke from it's hibernation while grinning and purging into the wind. I'd smoke until my throat turned into a desert of tar and euphoria. The women have come and gone. I recall the girl from across the tracks stealing my innocence on a hot summer night. The woman from Colorado and I sitting on the bleachers on a winter day just embracing and chatting, thankful to be with each other. Those things are all in the past, but they won't be the last glory days I have. There will be plenty more. And they will pass me by like the wink in a young girl's eye.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Miracle Of Rebirth

On occasion I'll sit and wonder how you are. If you and that little ray of light inside you are doing well. I sure hope so. At times I regret what happened between us, though I don't fault myself. Love has a way of making things tainted and bruised even when they're in full bloom. I'll never leak my sorrows to the ground over our unfortunate doom. Life will be just fine without you. I know you'll probably never read this, and maybe that's a good thing. Because the best way to make peace is to move on and not cripple yourself because of someone else's perception.