Monday, May 30, 2011

Empty V

Carrot people conceive when young '

Mating habits consisting of brainless grinding

Idiots watched and praised by imbeciles

Every blink is for the celluloid

Since charity and true love are out of season

America sodomizing itself with "culture"

Our country comes closer to death with every new contract

Two seasons, too many replicas

Someday we'll bury the celebrities deep

Or we bury the country with our dignity

Friday, May 27, 2011

Picking Up Chicks At The Local Asylum

Always a sucker for Zoloft eyes

Tossing rose petals into therapy circles

Give me schizophrenia by the syringe

Align your bipolar with mine

The ink blots look beautiful from here

With romance written in our charts

They'll never know the beauty of a sick libido

We down mood stabilizers with wine

Dancing forever on the Klonopin moon

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obligatory Summer Poem

When you detonated the solar system

I remember feeling the heat like heaven

And as you sipped champagne from your wrist

Intoxication hit me without touching my tongue

The way you twirled for the audience of satellites

Resembled a bullet fired in a torrential downpour

Yes, the snake had finally grown petals around the neck

I put it all in a poem that burned the second I wrote it

She inhaled the smoke and blew it out her nose

Licked her lips and said "Summer is nothing but nostalgia"

Then disappeared into the Appalachian wind forever

Now I lay before the storm and puff on a cigarette

Not caring if she ever looks back on the apocalypse

Trying to distort the images of her face in the raindrops

They're all so ugly and meaningless to me now

I suck the nicotine deep then exhale, smiling so slightly

Elated in the warmth because she's gone, baby!









Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Best Thing About STDs Is...

Our cities growl with hunger

Nations dry up and flake away

They christened the Ritalin dumpsters

Declared compressed meat as "precious"

Sent them off to learn on a budget

They'll learn how to be claustrophobic

To baptize the naked thieves

Smuggling air like narcotics

So high on human odor

Never realizing they should wrap it up

Or cut it off completely

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Whoops, I Blew You Up!

Wrap your spinal cord 'round my neck

Yank me out of my own back yard

Too long frantically throwing grenades

But in which direction I don't know

It was never for the body count

It was always for my insecurity

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Slacker Uprising?

My bed, my command post

Tracing battle formations in dust

We strike hardest through apathy

Not motivation or hated

Drifting though the system as a tidal wave

Unpaid taxes left in the wake

No more dollar bills to protect them

No hands to run the machine

It was already full of holes

We just filled them with words

Burns like peroxide, stings like a wasp

The congressmen will kneel with shame

That's when you blow a joint in there fucking face

Monday, May 16, 2011

Put Gum In My Hair And Call Me A Nut

Pretty pyromaniac

Set the devil on fire

Ignite him for all to see

It smells like lavender

Brightening black holes above

You, my lovely housewife

Are what the dandelions sing about

Songs strummed on a balalaika

I'd sing along if I weren't speechless

Laying on the grass, humming

Hoping you hear every word they say

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The bored Housewive's Guide To Poetry

Beautiful words of Virginia and Sylvia

Timeless through all our advances

Another's melancholy is therapy for others

You are no psychologist, ma'am

And sure as Hell are no Wolfe

A keyboard does not make a poet

Fake fingernails cannot write beauty

There is not a strand of pain in you

Just wine trying to fill the vast emptiness

Plath would vomit at your sight

Spoiled suburban hussy with a complex

You will never come close to being an artist

You're just too fucking comfortable

Saturday, May 14, 2011

21st Century Wall Writings (Rain)

I decided to do something different with this write, so I looked at my Facebook news feed and rewrote/reinterpreted my friends' status updates (one update per line) Enjoy!

We, always the square peg

Training the beast with our spouse

Bored, bummed

Life for the horny bitch

Another pastor on a dead line

Fed us dirty porcelain

We're just scheduled vomiting

Begging for a downpour

Prancing in the hacked meadow

Canine animosity quelled with wine

Whenever true reality becomes boring fantasy

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't Tell Me Not To Piss On The Dusk!

See me as a pigeon magnet

Dripping pungent gray

It covers the desk, the counter

But the johns don't care

I am invisible to them

I am invisible to myself

A numbered Faust

Subservient to my cyber satan

Grateful for this imprisonment

The same eight hours on repeat

"Will undergo waterboarding for food"

Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of life

Sleeping outside in the dumpster

Asleep and peaceful in its freedom

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Fairytale Of Gorgeous Boy!

Greeted by a million outbursts

Gorgeous Boy sings for the locusts

Pupils blink bliss and emptiness

He never knew he was a terrorist

Bombs no longer built, but raised

Locked in the amphitheater to graze

Ignorant to plots behind his back

Gorgeous Boy is sold like crack

Faceless dealers plotting his life

He withdraws and embraces strife

Snatching panties and hoarding gold

Carefree child turns politician-cold

Looking forward there's nothing new

Gorgeous Boy now drains you!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Birds, The Bees, And The Crabs

Count fetishes like sheep

Numbered fingers pruned

Too much time in the dead pool

Life is so disgusting at times

Queens lick salt from the pillar

Fertilize cybernetic embryos

Soon to create sentient disease

All the kings want is catharsis

Instead they breed more chaos

Then hide when our planet eats itself

Accidental starvation, tattered resources

See what your thoughtless impulse entails

The world exterminated for a quick orgasm

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Great Freakshow In The Sky

To claim The Lord made humans in His own image one must think God an amputee clown performing coitus for His next botox injection

Aphrodite Gave Me Herpes

Always smart enough to close the curtains but dumb enough to leave my key under the doormat there's a female on the loose craving to gnaw away what little I have left of myself.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blair, Natalie, Tooti, Jo (And Don't Forget Mrs. Garret!)

How naive to think the world is against me oh no it's out to get us all I just have the firepower to blow it away like a rat cuddling a landmine