Thursday, June 23, 2011

All The Romantics Have Been Slaughtered And Reincarnated As Misanthropes

When you crave to be degraded

Because at least they're not ignoring you

It's best to become a chameleon

Disappear from the ugly world

Build bombs out of your own disgust for them

Blow them up before they kill you first

The rising suicide rate is evidence enough

Friends becoming murderers for no reason

(or superficial ones)

If they cannot learn to love than we must learn to detest

Detest everyone and everything

Do unto others because they sure as hell want to do unto you

Planning every ignored word for their own benefit

And they say I'm too angry

I don't think you're angry enough!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roasting The Roasters (Using Gasoline)

A bully is never a friend

Unless you subtract the "n"

Blacken the vocal chords

So insults turn them to crisp

No more cheap thrills for the fecalphiliac

Who now has to eat their own

Surprisingly, they can be more full of shit

Than they already were

Now the excuses are buried

No longer able to be the aphrodisiac they crave

But yes, they can still ignore you

(Words unsaid are worse then the ribbing)

But know that when those eyes look at you

Judging like a perv behind block robes

You can put coins in those bottomless holes

Right before you splatter the nothingness behind them

Monday, June 20, 2011

Incoherant Ramblings From The Corner

Fresh air has been giving me the bends

Home-sick for the deep end of polluted seas

Where I would put cigarettes out on my tongue

Then lick the prom queen in places she felt uncomfortable

God knows I'm too poor for the courtship

We all end up in the whale's stomach anyway

And you can't pay your way out of that

I personally always used a hatchet or two

A little dull from the blood of part-time friends

But it always did the job and left me with plenty of food

Gnawing on guts in candlelight with another serial killer

They always think this will be the night I fall to them

When I cut myself up worse than they ever could

Chunks of me buried in isolated specks of time

With a small tombstone quoting a sentimental song on each one

Any search hound will run terrified of the smell

It resembles rigor mortis under gallons of rain

Or a horde of zombies frolicking in a garden

Where everything goes to die except for emotion

That fucker will live despite holocaust, meteorites, and bombs

Lingering like the ghost of a cheated and diseased lover

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rock And/Or Roll

Swinging vines sing like switchblades

Cut clouds leaking light casually

Festivity floods the fallen flock

Breathless in boisterous bombardment

Instinctively immortal in united euphoria

Love the lasting lips whispering "win!"

Hate the hurtful harlots who harm

Life lives for liberated lovers

So stitch shut the suckers shouting stipulations

Dullards don't dream. too damn dead to try

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Terrorists Have Been Winning Since Day One

Ten years

The enemy tore down our towers

A supposed version of weather control

Fire and debris for rain

Our leaders shouted" "Freedom never dies!"

Then they drafted a new prison

Leeches in phone lines

Cameras in flowers

Democratic immortality cut short

Soldiers sent to slaughter the sadists

It was justifiable homicide

But we overstepped our boundaries

Mourning begot Manifest Destiny 2.0

A one sided game of Give and Take

Give them our values

Take their lives

Their sanity

Corporals, colonels, and commanders

They teach our young of superiority

Hand out weapons like candy '

All that's missing are turbans and a Qur'an

Voila! We are what we hate

But shame was never in the American dictionary

Not that politicians read anything but pornography anyway

They need creative positions to fuck us, after all

Stars and stripes stained by money shots

And we're left to lick it up

Buttery and bitter and filled with disease

It's the taste of liberty

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are You For Eighty Six?

Right now you're crafting Valentine's cards

Later you'll be drawing plans for explosives

Love swings from the sky like a rusted chain

Wrapping around your neck for the greater good

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't Let Yourself Be Ruled By Dinosaurs With Penis Envy

When they spy on you

Put on a show with fire

When they pat you down

Wear a suit of stained sex toys

When they tell you who to marry

Throw an orgy on the steps of congress

When they tell you where to smoke

Light up and pray for cancer

When they drug test you

Piss on their face instead

When they enforce prohibition

Get wasted and break everything

When they order you to salute the flag

Give it one finger each

When they draft you

Recruit your own army

When they declare marshal law

Police the police with superior numbers

When they take your guns

Give them one bullet at a time

When they say this is the best country in the world

Tell them it's not good enough for you!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Our mistakes pack in hijacked planes

A trip to piss on our founding father's graves

In a perfect world we would leave our jobs midday

Beat off onto the Orwellian cameras

Burn down every bank and corporate headquarters

But no, we derive too much pleasure from our money fetish

Dollars tossed at us like cheap, smelly hookers

Syphilis denying us our own strength

To kick in the head of Capitalism's ugly body