Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Terrorists Have Been Winning Since Day One

Ten years

The enemy tore down our towers

A supposed version of weather control

Fire and debris for rain

Our leaders shouted" "Freedom never dies!"

Then they drafted a new prison

Leeches in phone lines

Cameras in flowers

Democratic immortality cut short

Soldiers sent to slaughter the sadists

It was justifiable homicide

But we overstepped our boundaries

Mourning begot Manifest Destiny 2.0

A one sided game of Give and Take

Give them our values

Take their lives

Their sanity

Corporals, colonels, and commanders

They teach our young of superiority

Hand out weapons like candy '

All that's missing are turbans and a Qur'an

Voila! We are what we hate

But shame was never in the American dictionary

Not that politicians read anything but pornography anyway

They need creative positions to fuck us, after all

Stars and stripes stained by money shots

And we're left to lick it up

Buttery and bitter and filled with disease

It's the taste of liberty

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