Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Demons dressed to arouse and charm
Showing skin for the witting worshiper
Hands clasped in prayer, tangled with webs
The pact signed in your own bile
For this courtship, you exchange:
  • Your money
  • Your freedom
  • Your friends
  • Your identity
  • Your existence
Happiness is yours. Celebrate!
Throw a funeral for the one in love
Buried in a suit and recycled vows
The bones have superior lives now
Standing out more than my friend, the shell
Stuck in a perpetual suburban nightmare
Your apathy for life hovering over like memories
The ring on your finger is just a fancy prison

Like Lemmings

In blue fog she puffs on a cigarette

Peeling another man's skin from her teeth

Tossed to the wind, fading as dried leaves

I wish every night to be the next victim

The orgasm of falling apart in her gnawing frenzy

We're already mush before she bites down

Eyes like hammers to tenderize diamond boys

“Make me a statistic, left crippled in the ocean”

I'll die honored at the feet of statuesque glamour

God Is A Carrot?

We're free from the shackles of monarchy

But still bowing to the royalty on the street

White trash princesses, high class whores

Tonight we pray to the glittering slut

They bottled up the sun and bathed her

No identity, promiscuity the only trait

Laying to the top of this world

Face splattered on every page read

Now she's all we can think about

Our God is sinful and sacrilegious

The church's hymns replaced with pornography

Hell is a place of mass media rejection

Invisible to her manufactured love

Accept the orange queen or rot in solitude

Beauty is dead and lying is sexy

Death Is A Teenager

The nameless boy stands facing the entrance

A house of knowledge with laughing walls

The rain pours like homicide from his psyche

Wind blowing his tangled blond hair

Thin as a paper cut but housing a world of grief

The circus came and went in his head

All left is garbage piled to crimson-tinted eyes

Every word will be avenged, every taunt retorted

He opens the door and brings the gallows with him

Two .45s drawn before the young ones could repent

They were all guilty of being normal, sentenced to be statistics

Fireworks erupting in an ocean of oil and gasoline

Screams flying in the air mixing with blood

The schoolhouse was renovated to Potter's Field

Survivors clinging to their vital signs

Wondering what all the "harmless" teasing made

But the nameless boy will have the last laugh

Flashing a rare smile before turning the anguish on himself

Now the walls will weep until this generation passes

Mourning the loss of so many potential futures

Ended in an orgy of misanthropy,frustration, loneliness

Somewhere down the line all of this will be forgotten

And the nameless boy will return to another town

Shooting up his peers for another string of worthless insults