Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obligatory Summer Poem

When you detonated the solar system

I remember feeling the heat like heaven

And as you sipped champagne from your wrist

Intoxication hit me without touching my tongue

The way you twirled for the audience of satellites

Resembled a bullet fired in a torrential downpour

Yes, the snake had finally grown petals around the neck

I put it all in a poem that burned the second I wrote it

She inhaled the smoke and blew it out her nose

Licked her lips and said "Summer is nothing but nostalgia"

Then disappeared into the Appalachian wind forever

Now I lay before the storm and puff on a cigarette

Not caring if she ever looks back on the apocalypse

Trying to distort the images of her face in the raindrops

They're all so ugly and meaningless to me now

I suck the nicotine deep then exhale, smiling so slightly

Elated in the warmth because she's gone, baby!









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