Sunday, May 24, 2009

Glory Days

Listening to Springsteen's song, I can't help but remember the few I've had. I may not be able to speak of athletics or accomplishments. Those are scarce as civilization in the bowels of a forgotten jungle. However, I can mention some good times and the girls that got away. I remember drinking until the sun awoke from it's hibernation while grinning and purging into the wind. I'd smoke until my throat turned into a desert of tar and euphoria. The women have come and gone. I recall the girl from across the tracks stealing my innocence on a hot summer night. The woman from Colorado and I sitting on the bleachers on a winter day just embracing and chatting, thankful to be with each other. Those things are all in the past, but they won't be the last glory days I have. There will be plenty more. And they will pass me by like the wink in a young girl's eye.

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