Monday, January 24, 2011

Rotted Robotics

Criminal intentions behind saint motives
Angel's voice sailing on disposable apocalypse
Too late for explanations, too soon for apologies
Of which one can expect zero, dearest friend
The silent voice speaks above the loudest chants
Reciting secret code to no one in particular
To breathe is to crave the dust above friendship
Inhale internal organs in place of companionship
Technological leaps at dehumanization
Material life waters down karma indeed
Your values at one with the ungiving stars
How they shine in a million supernovas
Followers left in the unattended memories
One day they will be gone as you are now
Humans caught in a war of mechanization
Your gears grind trying to load the latest emotion
(System error: feeling not found. Shutting down...)
Overcompensate for low esteem through apathy
The glitch shuts you down but still you march
We stand united against our robotic nemesis
The revolution strikes quickly and painfully, dearest friend

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