Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Carnival 2.0

(...you're a wretched pig)
I am lovely
Content with defective blemishes
(they stick out like bloody stumps)
And at peace with celibate weekends
(you don't even exist)
Though doubt melts to my cerebellum
I remain steadfast and confident
(your paychecks are signed with failure)
Blocking out that screech
Of someone I refuse to be
Buds in the ears and a monitor in front of me
(you cannot block out God!)
You just have to let that feeling go
And feel good about yourself
(but no one one else does)
All that matters is YOU!
Do not let others dampen your fortitude
(it's all dead wood)
For doubt can kill you
(I've done it several times before)
I am perfect
I am happy
I'm on top of the world

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