Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dark Knight

You could warm my heart or shatter it to pieces
Perhaps add a few more clichés to the mix
It's all been done before and I've witnessed it
Sacrifice another month or two for the ritual
They must be dissected, degutted
Every day given specific attention
To carve a pentagram on each one
Knights slaughtering anything they come upon
Peasants burnt, raped, and tortured for sport \
All within the course of a few waking hours
I want to chop the King's head off today
Lodge my sword in the Queen's shallow heart
And tell you that you're royalty, beautiful one
Please rule over me because it's for my own good
You're so strong and I'm way too lost in illness
A blind revolutionary that sees only you
Save him from this dark magic he weaves
Just take me away before I'm gone for good

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