Saturday, March 26, 2011

Captain Cunt And The Illustrious Green Goo

Part I: First Mate

I walk hand in hand with you

Like insanity with straight jackets

Girlish screech in every dream

I forgot how to speak

But you can do it for me

Those blond whips only hurt my mind

Not that it produces original thoughts

Except for the overboard urge

To frolic in the sharks' stomachs

To die in this ocean I cried

Part II: STDistress Signal

I would love to see your brain

Splattered all over the deck

Part III: Mutiny

They say cheater's never win

Yet you still stand tall

I find it so hard to care

You're with the seagulls now

Aimless floating like fish guts

My name cursed in the sea breeze

Say what you will, glorious cunt

Slander is more pleasant than slavery

And only the lemmings truly believe

In you and your childish misnomers

I am on free land now

Watching you drown in green goo

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