Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Funerals For The Price Of One

They propped the dying couple on elevated ground
Stood them up like mannequins rotting in the rain
Attached puppet strings made of government contracts
A pastor reads aloud from a book of necromancy
And the lovers read suicide notes to seal their love
With two words uttered to prompt the invisible killer
Now they kiss and share their poison (as good lovers should)
Before tossing a bouquet to another victim
God have mercy on these poor dead today
A stretched hearse takes them to a five star cemetery
Where they will be buried alive in suburban dreams
To decompose into each other, losing all feature
Until none is left but a mass of colorless and unfeeling flesh
Look close enough and you'll see a flicker of identity past
But it's just a child choking on the pull of their carbon rings

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