Thursday, December 23, 2010

God Bless/God Damn

Our parents intercepted the cell signals
Hijacked the towers with ancient verse
Now the purpose is perfectly ingrained
Brains filtered through unread pages
They say “let Heaven absorb every midnight.”
It's been dark for a thousand years
And all the candles are wax over forlorn mouths
We wasted them trying to read stone tablets
Commandments will not save your children
The trenches are overpopulated with bullies
Byproducts of animosity don't give a damn
Look in their eyes and see the real true
When you were bloody and ashamed again
God didn't reach out his hand, as believed
Just another friend with a thousand backs turned
Childhood stumbles by, punch drunk and traumatized
What do we believe in if there is nothing for us?

1 comment:

  1. I think God is beyond our understanding, so to interpret various beliefs and scriptures doesn't leave us with much to go on, unless you choose to understand. What I mean is, there are esoteric teachings and ideas that enlighten us only if we are open to being so. Therefore, whatever seems, can be a myth, or mirage, but there is something to find.