Monday, December 20, 2010

Straitjacket Love Affair

I wish for a polygraph as a dowry
Because God knows I don't know
Do you weave reality or safety nets?
Rather sky-dive to Hell than get tangled
Shrug off compliments to avoid strain
My tangled spine is weary from plastic anvils
A teenager falling in love with cardboard cut-outs
Look close enough and they resemble flesh
Hell, I can't even tell the difference anymore
It's all a split second blur before the car crash
Where flames burned away my trust like skin
This faceless man loves you regardless
In spite of the paranoia that gives him shape
Silent minutes march on like brainwashed soldiers
They aim, shoot, fire, and hit
Lodging slugs in the flesh of a black hole

1 comment:

  1. tangled spine is very painful condition. Go see a doctor.