Friday, December 10, 2010

Crush On Me

Highlight response
Push in

Matter of roses
Wrapped cholesterol
Feigned melting
Plagiarized proposal
All for love

Disintegrating girl
My whole world
Pebble around Pluto
Hourglass sand grain
Peasant harlot
Thinks royalty

Adorable ignorance

Passing grades
Cheat anyway
Countless promiscuous nights
My cross hairs aimed
Target the lonely
Taken to cotton dreams
Never seen again

My love
The only one
Questions with puffed lips
Angel harp strings choke
Knuckles across cherubs
Heel to the heart
Black and blue symphony

Now take coitus
A few dead presidents
Forgive me

Show the stars
Elusive smiles
Tell the sun
Glitched forevers

Once jocose butterfly
Now leper caterpillar
Terrified Wonder Woman
Innocence dams the ditch
Lifeless, gutless, soulless
Mine forever
Our Rohypnol romance

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