Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Message Is: There Is No Message

I am an animated adolescent
Who lives in a colorless suburb
My girlfriend is a mouse or a rat
I can never really tell which
She talks in smoke rings
Above the music our town makes
Every Christmas there is a sleepover
And the whole town argues over where
I usually just hope it’s not here
Because I feel ill in this gathering
Some rockstar said I have cancer
It’s localized in my tonisils
That I keep in a jar next to my bed


  1. I get the sense that your poetry stems from frustration. Do you ever listen to music when you write? When I was listening to a lot of angry music, a lot of poetry took on a similar tone of agitation.

    I like the realness to this poem. It's what I would call very vivid imagery although I hope your gf isn't reading this poem in particular!

  2. I sometimes listen to music (lyrics are my main inspiration) but I work better in silence. Yes, a lot of poetry deals in frustration and similar negative emotions. It's my version of therapy. And I don't have a gf lol