Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lost Touch

I cannot relate to my fellow man anymore
The soil they walk on has more in common with me
(Stagnancy molded by foot prints and afterthoughts)
They're too busy worshiping invisible sociopaths
Too caught up in the heroism of poverty genocide
I prefer the poetry of a crimson-stained wrist
Over the delicacy of a three course meal of pills
It will put this garbage heap deep into the ground
To actually be stepped on instead of just feeling that way


  1. Escape in the letters of an alphabet
    Impossible to judge selections one has chosen
    They are not random although they hold solitude
    Only in the way the selector chooses
    Kicking each vein that pulsates with agony
    They begin to form the feeling from brain to fingers
    Electric ember fire a connection - pain to pain
    Feel it burn on the surface of our skin
    Penetrating below as it steals our time
    Stealing our love, stealing every feeling
    Leaving behind a chain link of letters
    No longer can break this eternal chain
    Put it to rest so the mind can sleep
    Awake a new day, only feeling the rain
    Washing the horror down an eternal drain
    STOP now, look, there is no more pain
    Letters that have connected us can forever
    Lessen our brains pain, send us a ear
    It will hear, and it can heal