Monday, August 13, 2012

My Only Anger Problem Is Existence

My mother spat me into the world at breakneck speed
Launched into the sky, my head hit the stars
I came crashing back down in a ball of burning ice
Left a hole bigger then the planet's bleeding cunt
And God watches all of this with crooked, devil eyes
Jacking off to the downtrodden faces of those like me
And then releasing on those who have it even worse
Yet He is worshiped by many in the church of Stockholm Syndrome
Like an imprisoned group of siblings raped by their father
Too terrified of consequence to be free of guilt
I break the shackles every time a memory goes by
Be it lovers and friends who abandoned truth in a ditch
Or a trillion deaths of a society that rips itself apart
But there is no catharsis in the eyes of awareness
Just regret that the universe will remain stagnant
And that I am as worthless as the Higher Power

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