Saturday, October 16, 2010


Stand back, don't get involved! This is between me and the little ones. They ignited a bomb at the school yard. Look at the skin all colored in diseased dreams. You've outdone yourselves this time. Hey, hands off! I said I can handle this. Go deal with the starving Ethiopian in our back yard. I hear they like radiation. Children, don't ever forget that life lays with big suits in a clouded palace. They don't want to start the flame in your heart. They only want to set the world on fire. When you were younger I said you would never amount to much but you've stood me up, corrected. Let's lay under an asbestos blanket and watch slow motion footage of cancer growing. It's the least we could do together. I'll tell the police you're risen beyond Saturn. Just tell your mother to whip up some more pox for dinner.

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