Friday, June 19, 2009

Lassen Sie Gehen

There's a girl weeping in a solitary womb feeding on lust and desire. And there's a boy with stagnant eyes burning a hole into a foggy mirror.

This is another brief reflection of a romance broken and left to die. Neither of us knew what we wanted, my love, and it ripped our appendages into giblets fed to a beast that only exists in nightmares. So close we came to wrap our arms around each other's cold and pale bodies. So close we came to tying our heartstrings into a perfect noose. I don't believe in God, yet I prayed every night to meld my lips with yours. But the match cannot kiss the fuse without predestined eradication. Black nostalgia swims in our every word. Let's let go of these rusted chains that bind us, honey. Let us smile at the heartache and move on to the labyrinth of future days.

The girl burns a hole into a foggy mirror with eyes like lakes. The boy lies motionless in a solitary womb feeding on loneliness and grief.

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